Mendonca was the greatest country singer of the last decade The artist who died a month ago after the plane crashed in the Mountains MG reconfigured the music scene and placed women as protagonists in the stories themselves As a representative of the she gave voice to themes such as betrayal love and breakups and with that won millions of fans throughout Brazil.

However so that today so many others can occupy prominent positions names like Barroso 19252015 and Roberta Miranda arrived before and opened space when the scene was still predominantly male In over 74 years of partnership for example the sisters Mary have built one of the most solid careers in Brazilian music Altogether they recorded more than a thousand records and sold around 11 million copies.

In an interview with R7 shortly after announcing the end of the duo Mary spoke about the beginning of the trajectory and the prejudice they suffered for being women We know that things are strong How much we could have done and not done And we didnt do it because they didnt give us the opportunity And for us that was right If we could start from scratch now we would do everything differently

Marília Mendonça who carried all these other artists that came before her was also responsible for inspiring several singers of the new generation such as Maiara and Maraisa Yasmin Santos Lauana Prado Mari Fernandez Luiza from the duo with and the sisters Julia and Rafaela Get to know a little more about the women who will follow the legacy left by the queen of suffering.

Although the duo and have built a successful career it is impossible not to include them in this list Together the three wrote an important chapter of Brazilian music with projects such as Agora 2021 With last years work they were nominated for a Latin Grammy in the best country music album category.

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